A Review of Seduced by a Stallion by Deborah Fletch Mello

August 9, 2012 

Romances are always fun to read because they are meant to entertain and satisfy.  Those who enjoy vicariously experiencing the roller coaster emotions of falling in love will find satisfaction guaranteed in Deborah Fletcher Mello’s Seduced by a Stallion.  Playboy Matthew Stallion the second oldest of the four billionaire Stallion brothers is a charismatic attorney, handsome and seemingly all too perfect especially in the eyes of Judge Katrina Broome a widowed mother.  When her teenage son Collin steals and wrecks Matthew’s car the attorney agrees to mediation.  Through Matthew’s negotiation Katrina agrees to place Collin in the Briscoe Ranch Mentoring Foundation program for at-risk youth of which Matthew sits on the Board. From that very first courtroom moment the couple’s mutual attraction is sparked and soon grows all consuming like an out of control wild fire.

Katrina in her mind attempts to dismiss her desires but her heart will not permit it.  Matthew too copes with his own infatuation and so begins the slow rising romance with a first date, a private diner for two at Cowboy’s Stadium set at center field.  “As they approached the center of the stadium, Katrina took in the immaculately set table …. adorned with an elegant white lace tablecloth, gold chargers, gold–trimmed china plates, gold utensil and crystal glasses.  A tuxedoed waiter stood at attention.”

That over the top date pales compared to their Parisian excursion on the private Stallion jet.  There in addition to their common profession they find their aesthetic sensibilities are in sync as well sharing their love for French Impressionism, Rodin and Camille Claudel.  As wonderfully ideal and dreamy as it all seems, no romance is complete without conflict, and it comes in the form of Matthew’s “baby daddy drama” threatening to derail their happily ever after destiny.

Other titles in the series are (1) To Love A Stallion (John) (2) Tame A Stallion (Mark) (3) Lost In A Stallion (Luke) (4) Promises To A Stallion (Travis-a cousin).  I understand there’s a Stallion sister waiting in the wings to make her debut.

I suspect there are many things the reader will find enjoyable with each brother’s romantic journey.  Deborah Fletcher Mello’s major characters are all identifiably real and aching with desire.  Her sublime language depicting intense love scenes may at times leave the reader breathless or at least forced to put it down to cool down.  But be advised Seduced by a Stallion is a titillating tale you can’t put down for long.


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