If Obama Were White

July 16, 2011 

Republicans have two goals in mind. Obstruct and prevent the reelection of Barak Obama and to prevent the raising taxes on the wealthy. Whether the American voters go along with the plan remains to be seen. In any event it’s become increasingly clear the GOP is playing a dangerous game willing to destroy the economy rather than raise taxes. And when Mitch McConnell stated his number one goal was to make Obama a one term president he meant what he said. It’s never been about what’s good for the country but what’s good for the Republican Party. Much of their opposition to Obama’s presidency can be laid at the feet of the Tea Party faction. The Republicans co-opted this partner in destruction hoping to harness the movement’s energy opposing Barak Obama and Democratic policies. Unfortunately the Tea Party has shown itself to be untameable.

Never before has raising the debt ceiling been linked to spending. This strategy laid down by the Republicans isn’t working and may well backfire. The Tea Party leaders including Bachmann and Palin are steeped in ignorance surrounding Economics and International Finance among other matters affecting Americans. As we watch the debt ceiling fight unfold let’s not forget how the Republican Party has led us down this road to perdition with two wars and tax breaks for the wealthy. Nothing good can come out of this fight for the Republicans.

Under President Obama, taxes are at the lowest level in 60 years but Republicans either fail to admit or are too stupid to look back in history. Experts agree that if the debt ceiling is not raised by August 2, the country–indeed the world–would face a “huge financial calamity.” No big deal the Tea Party. Most Americans are in agreement, the Republican stance is unfair and reasonable yet they continue marching toward that cliff.Unfortunately the rest of country is tied to their safety harness and likely to go down behind them.

One wonders if Obama were White would there such outrageous bitter caustic vitriol?  The Republican’s double barrel destruction may backfire. Let’s hope.


One Response to “If Obama Were White”
  1. Mike Bove says:

    Thanks for this. I agree wholeheartedly. I must say I am very disappointed in the Democrats. Not only for caving in on the debt limit fiasco, but for being so weak even when they had the majority.

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