The GOP vs. Organized Labor: Swinging Back

March 4, 2011 

The recent events in Madison Wisconsin may indicate the pendulum is swinging back. Support for organized labor and union membership has been on the decline for the past 30 years since Ronald Reagan busted PATCO, and States enactment of right to work laws. At the same time a shrinking middle class and stagnant wages with concentrated wealth held by a few is a reminder of the 19th Century robber barons. It’s all beginning to add up on the average household budget, and the public is finally beginning to realize who’s to blame. One wonders whether they will say “enough” and answer the call to solidarity.

The Governors attempt to label public employees as another privileged special interest illustrates yet again Republican artful efforts at distorting the truth and spreading misinformation. Despite union concessions on wages and benefits Wisconsin Governor Scott demands State employees surrender all collective bargaining rights except on wages. The Tea Party believing the country has been hijacked were shouting to take back the country have unwittingly become the Koch Brother puppets. Their concern should be in replacing the jobs shipped abroad. The country hasn’t gone anywhere. The same can’t be said of jobs.

Public employees did not cause budgetary distress yet they bear the burden of sacrifice while the wealthy and their corporate interest benefit  with tax cuts. Since George Bush’s stolen election this strategy of misinformation has conned middle class America. Sucker punched the battered American worker has been knocked down but not out. Now will he get up and come back swinging?

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