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March 11, 2010 

If you want to know more on the happenings in contemporary Black life check out Dr. Darnell Williams an economist and former professor having distinguished himself in business and government is the founder and publisher. This new website from an African American perspective chronicles the breadth of the Black experience through history and contemporary times. Mainstream media would have us believe African-Amerian cultural focal points are sports and entertainment but it’s much more, and rich with a wide range and depth of experiences. Until the election of Barak Obama the world gave little attention to African American culture which remains distinct from the broader American society.

The site features articles in different categories, including jobs, politics, education and the economy. Keli Goff a journalist and author of Party Crashing: How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence is a frequent contributor and describes the as a news site first and foremost highlighting a perspective relevant to African Americans. Referring to the website’s recent completed news survey on race and media, she says is a perfect example of how this site is more than just a news site, being mindful of capturing the perspectives of African Americans.

The editorial board is made up of writers and journalist from Essence Magazine, the Los Angeles Daily News, and many other periodicals. It also has its own video installments with a corresponding Youtube channel. is always glad to see a new source of diversity in the media. Check it out and get into the loop.

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