The Problem

March 1, 2010 

In today’s recessionary economy and intense political climate we see a global rise in xenophobia and racial intolerance. The origin of which extends back to the European colonial times whe the dominant political and economic thought justified racism. Early on the press was largely responsible for spreading and reinforcing the idea of white racial superiority later relying on the pseudo-scientific theories espoused by the likes of Darwin’s Origin of Species. The damage to global humanity literally speaks volumes.

Today’s media faces the task of redeeming mankind redirecting it onto the path of progress debunking beliefs, myths, and false science. The task is all the more difficult when the messenger is controlled by corporate sponsors. The path of progress is now impeded by today’s advocacy journalism with its non objective viewpoint. In the United States a media mogul while purporting to present a fair and balanced journalism provides a platform for the extreme right spewing racist and xenophobic propaganda.

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